30 January 2007

i hate poverty!

Dear Kate,

How have you been? I haven't heard from you in a while. I'm missing my Kate! I just posted a note to Simon about his gallery show - that's so awesome! I miss you guys so much right now. I'm feeling very lonesome and frustrated in Kalamazoo. I have Dan and he's amazing, but I still can't find a job and I still don't have any other friends. Alas. Oh well, I just have to keep trying. :)

Have you seen the new Knitty surprises? They just went up. I REALLY want to knit both Thermal and Dragonfly - they're so pretty! Unfortunately they're both out of my price range at the moment, seeing as how I have no job. I would wear Thermal ALL the time because we keep it so cold in our apartment! I think I am in another selfish knitting mood. I haven't knit anything for myself since last spring and I would really like to make something nice for ME for a change. I'm currently working on that shawl for my aunt Pat, which is almost done, and then I get to do sweaters for Grandma and Brian. Then probably some socks and a sweater for Dan. Then maybe a sweater for me. Maybe.

I finally have a couple of pictures for you of some recent projects. First are the Bayerische Socks I made for Dan's mom. I finished them in time and I have pics of the finished ones, but I must not have uploaded them onto the computer. I'll post the finished pics as soon as I can, but in the meantime you can have an in-progress photo. They're done in Knitpicks Gloss in Concord Grape.

Next is the pseudo-John Muir scarf that I knit for Dan. (I wasn't too happy with how the pattern was written, so I rewrote it.)

And finally, just for kicks, here's a picture of our first Christmas tree. :) It doesn't have the ornament we got for our first Christmas, or the ornaments that we have that match (we each got a red ornament with our name on it when we were tiny kids and they're exactly the same!), but you get the idea.

So that's life here. I'll post completed pics of the Bayerische Socks, Pat's completed shawl, and probably some progress pics of whichever sweater I start first when next I post. In the meantime, I'd really like to hear how you're doing on the Cambridge Jacket pattern because that's one of the ones I will be knitting next! Anyway, I hope you're doing well and I look forward to hearing about your knitting and your life really soon!


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