28 March 2006

how true is this?

hell, i know I would. as for my own knitting... i'm starting a new project as soon as my yarn gets here. i'll post more about that later. :)

(image from nataliedee.com)

21 March 2006


Dear Readers,

I've returned. The week spent in D'Iberville Mississippi was harrowing, wonderful and mostly devoid of knitting. So, I'll share with you a few photos and things that I learned along the way.

1) The Mississippi coast line (and by extension the Lousiana coast) is still in a state of utter destruction, but the people are full of hope.

2) Southern hospitatlity never ceases, even in the face of trauma and heartbreak.

3) Our Government has failed these people.

4) Amazingly the churches have not.

5) College students are amazing, especially the young people that I traveled with. I won't post their pictures here as I don't have permission, but suffice to say I have never met a better group of young adults. They are the future of our world and a bright future it is indeed. If only they were as newsworthy as the bad seeds...

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't want to upload my photos. So, I'll save them for another day and mix them in with some finished knitting (I hope!)...

K2Knits - who has returned to knitting "the ugly but wonderful socks"...

19 March 2006

wyvern socks - finally finished!

i'm super happy about them! i wore them to work today. i've knit so many socks, but this is the first pair for ME. they make my feet happy. now that they're done, after weeks of being too sick to knit, i get to start on something new! hooray! i'm making a gift (as usual): a lace doily out of marianne kinzel's first book of modern lace knitting. i'll post pics as i go, i promise! i'm still deciding on yarn, though. i don't know whether i want to use the recommended crochet cotton or go with something a little more decorative than utilitarian. we'll see.

13 March 2006

knitted rug

so, i'm sure everyone's seen this by now, but i just have to post it anyway because it blows my mind. i want to make one!

10 March 2006

This week I am taking a group of 15 students down to Mississippi to do some home repair for victims of Hurricane Katrina. This means that since the end of the Knitting Olympics and my crazy two week so of travel I have done almot nothing but catch up on work and plan for this trip. Knitting has been almost completely absent from life. *pout*

Ahhh, but all is not lost, I have 40 hours on a bus in which to make socks, socks and more socks. (Who said anything about needing to knit an afghan for my sister, or spending time bonding with Brevard S. Childs and Joseph Blenkinsopp over Isaiah? Not I, not I...)

In the interim I give you these photographs of other glorious socks past. Ahhh, wooly socks how I love thee!

My Siamese "Maggie" inspecting my favorite socks. Cherry Tree Hill in the Northern Lights colorway. (Side note: This yarn bleeds like CRAZY. After 3 washes they still turn my sink a dark purple...)

Tan Jawool socks made as a Christmas present for my father in law - they look much more pink than they actually are. Darn camera! The Gentleman's Plain Sock pattern from Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks". I really, really like this pattern. In fact I'm using some awesome purple/yellow fiberspates to make myself a pair.

Finally, my brother's frighteningly hairy leg modeling a pair of the "Whitby" socks I made for him as a christmas present. This pattern is from "Knitting on the Road" also by Nancy Bush. I'm a fan, both of the socks and Nancy Bush.

06 March 2006

socks socks socks

ok, so my chronic illness has been bad lately, as has my work schedule, so my wyvern socks are going slowly. i'm already working on the cuff, though, and i've still got a LOT of yarn left. i need to decide whether to make these knee socks (in order to use up all the yummy lorna's laces yarn) or to find another project for the remainder of the yarn. i will NOT let this stuff sit around unused! it's too soft and lovely! ideas, anyone? i don't think there'll be enough for another pair of socks. any suggestions would be welcomed. anyway, here are the socks so far. obviously the top is patterned and the bottom is plain. i did the toe and heel in stockinette, with 2x2 rib in between to hug my high arches better. they feel fantastic on my feet!