28 July 2006

Knitting APB

Hey friends,

Just wanted to let you know that our favorite incredi-knitter, Grumperina, is leading a needle revision charge. The vice president of Skacel, makers of the Addi Turbo needle has stated that she would be willing to consider offering a second line of Addi Turbos with a pointier tip. That's right Lace and Cable knitting fans. Addi Turbos with a pointier tip! But, she needs to know that this is something that knitters would appreciate since it would require offering 2 versions of the Turbos in a variety of sizes. That's a big investment on Skacel's part that needs to be matched by a big demand on our part. So this is where you come in. As Jesus once said, "Ask, and it will be given to you, search, and you will find." Who knew that Jesus would want us to have pointier sticks too? :P Check out this post from Grumperina's blog for more information:
Thanks, Kathy!


27 July 2006

Panic! at the knitting disco

Dear Kristen,

I'm about to finish the Neil Gaiman socks and on Sunday I head to NC for a week of beach time (and 8 hours of un interrupted knitting on the drive there and back). I'm in a state of panic. I have a bajillion projects I want to start (ok, that would be 3) and NO APPROPRIATE YARN for any of them. I need help. I need recommendations. I need someone to tell Simon that adding to the stash is not a problem, and no, I do not already own something that will work. Stash is precious yarn I can't live without but has no purpose. This is purchasing with purpose...it's a different type of yarn acquisition entirely!

The contenders:

The Somewhat Cowl - http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/knitandtonic/2005/12/the_somewhat_co.html - I absolutely adore this pattern but I'm nervous about the arm hole openings (i.e. will they pull across my big ole boobies).

Rambling Rose - http://girlwhoknits.blogspirit.com/archive/2006/07/09/a-rambling-rose.html - Simon's mother sent me this issue of Rowan for my birthday and I've been crushing on this pattern ever since. I adore this particular finished object photo. It looks amazing on Girl Who Knits. Question...would it look this good on me or am I too curvy to pull it off?

Now Option 1 and Option 2 have the same major drawback. THE SECOND SWEATER CURSE. *insert doom-y music* I knit a monstrosity of a first sack, I mean sweater, about a year and a half ago and I'm very nervous that my second sweater will reflect the same lack of skills. What if it doesn't fit? What if I ruin the yarn? What if I'm not on gauge? What if this sucks? Enter Option 3...the wimp's way out.

The Arr-gyle socks -
http://www.mothheaven.com/ - Amazing, and they are Argyles! I must know how to knit the argyles. I love to knit socks. I’ve done fair isle with success so intarsia can’t be any worse. In fact, this looks like it would be relatively easy.

Commence pre-vacation panic! Do I knit the argyles now because I'm too chicken shit to knit a sweater? Does it protect my sanity? Can I find the yarn in time?

Tune in at the end of my vacation to find out. (And comment comment comment with advice to help a sister out.)


20 July 2006

When life sucks knit.

Dear Kristen,

This summer has been full of stuff "to do" and completely lacking in down time. The stress of it all is about to undo me so I've been knitting to stay sane. Thank God for knitting. Here are a few more finished objects. This is a finished "Perdita" in the correct size blocking (the previous Perdita is now a rather lovely bookmark). Luckily it's so tiny that it blocks in no time.
And I was able to finish the crocheted edge, button holes, and attach buttons last night. I'm wearing the finished project while I type. If I had a better camera you'd be able to see all the fun details. I really really liked this project!
And completed socks! It's still a little warm for them since they are a wool/cotton blend, but I'm sure I'll be wearing them all the time come fall. This is the 3rd (?) pair I've made for myself - or the first depending on how you count it - and I can't wait until I have hand knit socks for every day of the week. I think I already own the yarn to make this a reality I just have to keep on knitting. :P

Back to work!

18 July 2006


Dear Kristen,

I'm back to what I like best! Knitting socks. :) While gaming last night I finished 2! Wahoo! First we have the fabulous stitch pattern of the Carousel Lace Socks from a little company called "Saratoga Knits". I don't know much about this company and it might be something you can only get in that area. I purchased this pattern and the yarn (Fortissima Cotton) at the Stitchin' Post. I haven't really done much lace knitting so I was impressed when the decreases created what looks like a little cable pattern along the YOs.

Alas, the two completed socks do not match... On the Right is my very first sock knit with Lang Jawool Cotton (which is about %50 wool, %45 cotton and %5 polyamide). This sock had a french (?) toe - the kind where you decrease every x number of stitches to create a rounded toe - like the top of a hat. I HATED wearing it. Not comfortable at all... So, when it came apart at the toe seam I took it as a sign that I just needed to rework it. The new toe is lovely! And my feet are super happy. They love the handknit socks.

I also took the opportunity to learn a new trick. Kitchener Stitch! Alas, it didn't go so well the first time. UGH! This is ugly...
I think I eventually figured it all out though... I'm not sure I'm a huge fan. It seems like you really need to pull the kitchener sitching tight as you go along rather than pulling it tight at the end as you would if you simply ran the tail through all the remaining stitches. But it worked, and I kitchenered both of these socks in manner much more appealing so I'll do the same for their mates and see how I feel about it in the end.
Speaking of the end, I leave you with an image of a "first" that is now wearable. I <3 this sock! It's time to get working on some mates.

Happy Knitting,

13 July 2006


This photo heavy post is brought to you by the letters F, I, N, the Cast-On podcast by Brenda Dayne, and coffee.

Dear Kristen,

The wedding afghan is FINI! Wahooo! It turned out much better than I ever expected, although it was still much narrower than it should've been. Ah, well. Meg and Kirk were appreciative and kind. It is soft and stretchy and should cover either of them from shoulder to toe. Sadly it will not cover them both at the same time. Alas, I forgot to take a picture after I had woven in all the ends, so below you will find the photo I took as soon as I cast off. :)

I still think the colors are hideous, but Kirk was adamant that the blue is absolutely perfect. Meg is already dreaming of baby afghans! God help me...
It was a battle to the very end as is evidenced by the lack of yarn left on the skein. For awhile I thought I might have to employ the "I have no yarn left" cast off gleaned from the writings of the Yarn Harlot. The thought of that cast off alone kept me sane during the last few rows.
In the end I may have won the battle against an afghan that was determined not to be completed, but it left it's mark when I sustained a minor injury... This is the look of a repetitive strain on the wrist. Say it with me folks. U-G-L-Y!

Does this brace make my hand look fat or what? :P It's hideous, but it keeps me knitting. I'm attributing the injury to knitting too tightly. Not that it's a surprise with all the stress in my life!

So, the wedding itself was delightful and is delightfully over. Thankfully about the same time that the wedding ended I found that Knitty had put up a new issue. I HAD to try my hand at "Perdita" so here is my very own black version of the "bluebell" pattern. Alas I thought that it looked small when I was knitting, and after the afghan shrinkage issue I panicked and added a repeat of the pattern. In the end the pattern was spot on and this bracelet is a little to big for my wrist. I'm thinking it looks like it might want to be a stunning handcrafted bookmark, or a gift to the first person with a 8in wrist who sends me an e-mail with their address. What do you think?
I wish you could see the beadwork in this photo. It's really amazing to me! I can't believe that I managed to figure out lace and beading in the same project. :)

I'm also working on a pair of summer weight socks. This pattern is the one featured in the earlier post with my autographed copy of Niel Gaiman's "Anansi Boys". I purchased it almost a year ago in a little LYS in Saratoga Springs, NY.

I really like the look of heel design, although the ultimate test will be how it feels on!
And with that glorious photo of a sock-butt I say farewell!
What are you up to these days?

Much love,

PS: I saved the labels from the Afghan yarn but I forgot to write the details down. I'll try to remember for next time. :/ Sorry!