23 August 2006

Dear Kristen,

I was hoping to have something to say that was intelligent and memorable about my ordination but my mind has only managed to hold on to a series of snapshots and I am at a loss for words. Instead I direct you to "The Ice Floe" on the sidebar. The author is a good friend of mine and has written the post about my ordination that I never could have composed. I am incredibly honored to have such a special day commemorated in her eloquent writing. The one facet that she misses are the details about my mother's ordination which occurred at the same time. My first act as an ordained clergywoman was to lay on hands for my mother's ordination. Incredible indeed...

In things related to knitting I'm feeling a little frustrated. Students are arriving which means that my evenings are so busy that I hardly ever see my beloved needles and yarn. While driving to and from CT I finished one sock for Si and cast on for the second but made no sweater progress. There was plenty of time for knitting but I was so tired it was difficult to make my fingers work. All in all, not a particularly photo worthy experience. In order to increase knitting time and try to make a few more friends I had hoped to start an SnB here in littlecity southcentral PA but the person who was going to assist in the endeavor hasn't responded to my e-mails and I'm wary about going forth. As a newly ordained pastor can I advertise a SnB in a conservative community without receiving incredibly negative feedback? Should I call it something else and advertise away? Am I willing to sit in Starbucks by myself on a monthly basis in an effort to get this show on the road?

Stay tuned...this is knitting in transition!


17 August 2006

Exchange land...


It's been awhile since I participated in an exchange, but the pictures from your last exchange inspired me so I joined the International Scarf Exchange. I'm hoping to recieve a giftee who is interested in lace because I'd love to do something a little lacy...maybe the "Trellis" lace scarf in the Fall 2006 IK. Although that might be a bit much for a month long exchange.

In other news I've almost completed the first Sock for Si and I've made absolutely no progress whatsoever on the Debbie Bliss Cardi that I'm working on. This weekend is my ordination and the preparation for that event has taken over my entire life. It's worse than planning a wedding! I will be so thankful to be ordained and done with it all. There is so much other work I need to be doing right now, what with students arriving next week...who has time to knit?

Much Love,

11 August 2006

And...We're back

Or at least I am.

Kristen, where art thou?

The beach was beautiful. Seven days filled with my favorite life routine. Wake up when you feel like it. Eat breakfast in your bathing suit while your sunblock soaks in. Wander out to the beach. Wander into the house for lunch. Wander out to the beach. Wander into the house for dinner. Read a book. Knit a little. Repeat.

The days were hotter than Hades with a heat index between 110 and 115 the entire week. Believing delusionally that an SPF 30 would protect my seriously white self I received a glorious burn the first day. (Who the heck did I think I was ignoring the beach and sun for 5 years running?) I also managed to read 5 books and work a little on this sweater. It's Debbie Bliss' "Grace" pattern worked in cotton angora yarn. I adore this yarn even if the color is not really me.

That's right folks. You did indeed spot a rogue piece of knitwear. This is not a Rambling Rose, nor is it a Somewhat Cowl. It is not even a pair of Arrr-gyles. You see the full moon came a full week and a half early for me. While everyone else was happily packing for vacation two weeks ago Saturday I was freaking out because the one yarn store in town was closed. Simon and I had planned a fabulous day in Shepherdstown, W.Virginia where we would poke around cute shops in an even cuter downtown, consume a lovely dinner and watch "An Inconvenient Truth" in a movie theater that served beer. So, I did what any self respecting knitter would do, I located their local yarn store. Except it the internet didn't bother to tell me that it was CLOSED - not just closed on a Saturday closed, but closed for good, never to reopen again! And by the time we realized our folly there weren't enough hours in the day to get to the yarn store in Frederick, MD before it shut. So I cried in a parking lot (literally) and then sucked it up and went to the movies. It was a very sad moment. But seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" mostly balanced it out. I highly recommend both Shepherdstown WV and the movie. Both are excellent.

On the drive to Topsail Island I completed the Neil Gaiman socks. They are fabulous if a bit slouchy in the way of cotton socks. I would certainly knit a few more pairs of cotton socks but I'm not sure I would work a lace pattern. I prefer it when socks involve lots of mindless stockenette.

Happy feet!
Pattern: Carousel Lace Socks by Saratoga Knits
Yarn: Fortissima Cotton 2 skeins
Needles: Addi Turbo size 1
I'm still knitting one sock at a time, top down. I really should learn how to do the toe up 2 at a time method, but I just plain like it this way...

And now there are new projects. I am a complete and utter project monogamist. There is something incredibly satisfying to me in seeing something through from beginning to end in one fell swoop, but I am beginning to believe that this behavior is also limiting. So I'm working on expanding my reach to monogamously working on two things at once. The first project was the one you saw above, my "at home project". And the second is a pair of socks, my "traveling project". The socks will be knit using the yarn pictured below. C.W. Ewe dyed especially for the Mannings in the "Uptown" colorway. This yarn was purchased at MD Sheep and Wool so I could knit a pair of socks for Simon. He's pretty excited about them since this particular colorway features all of his favorite clothing colors. Yay for stash!

Upon arriving home I succumbed to the need to at least own the materials for the Arr-gyles so below you see the new additions to the stash, Red, Grey and Black Dale Baby Ull (I already own the white). I love this yarn so much that I was willing to pay exorbitantly for the pleasure of owning it. (Don't even ask...It's embarrassing, I could've purchased this yarn more cheaply online including shipping...) The LYS not only overpriced this, they overpriced everything and were rude both to me - don't you know I look too young to actually be a knitter - and another knitter who was new to the area and *gasp* asked if they might know of another store that offered night classes when her husband could watch their 2 year old for free. They are now officially on my shit list and I will always purchase online or haul ass to the Mannings instead.

But new yarn can overcome any evil and this stash enhancement will be worth it when the Arr-gyles are finally mine!

Much Love,