30 November 2006



The pirate Arrrg-yles are done! I'm quite pleased with them although they are a little bigger than I expected...while knitting the first one I stopped short because I was worried that they migh not be large enough around the calf. Boy was I wrong!

Yarn: Dale Baby Ull
Needles: US 3 40in circular Addi Turbo
Pattern: A combination of the Moth Heaven Aarg-yle chart and the more detailed argyle pattern from a place I can not remember nor locate. It was a great pattern that I printed out in detail and barely used. (the best intentions, eh?)

When I finished last night Simon requested that I work on a project that is partway done so it's back to the saltmines and the Holly wrap from "Jo Sharp book 2" for me. (Picture of wrap below.)

The pattern in the book was incorrect so the original 6 skeins I purchased for the project was not nearly enough so at about 1/4 of the way through I siwched to a dark blue which will form the middle panel and eventually the fringe. I'm not quite as pleased with it as I would have been if it was all the same color but I think it will be beautiful in the end.

Happy Christmas knitting, friends!


20 November 2006


Knitting has been good even if I haven't really been keeping up with the posting. Simon finished getting our computers to network last week and since then I've been trying to free up space on my 5 year old iBook so that it will run a little better (and upload pictures to blogger). Last night I had a dream that I recieved a check for $8000 which I immediately used to purchase a new MacBook. I'm hoping that it's a sign (although it might just be a sign of Kate continuing to provide pulpit supply and performing weddings while setting aside the cashola for a new computer). Either way there shall be success, I'm sure of it!

In the interim, I finished the hideous sister socks. Since their completion I've been wracking my head for a way to ask her if she actually likes handkint socks since I happen to be in posession of 2 skeins of pink and yellow Lorna's Laces with her name on them. But now that I've finished sister socks the first I'm panicing that the reason we never see her wear the socks that my mom knit for her is that she actually doesn't like the slightly bulky feel of hand knits. Any thoughts? While you think enjoy the blinding brightness that is the Sister Socks the First...

Flower Basket Shawl from Fall IK '04
I also worked feverishly on a shawl for my mom. It's also a christmas present. Below is the in-progress shot that shows the yarn. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in the Aslan and Sand Ridge colorways. My mom is overwhelmed with yarn so she gave me two skeins of each colorway and I decided that since I thought I might use all of the 4 skeins of yarn that I would go ahead and alternate between the two. I think that it's a little too busy and I'm tempted to rip it out and start over since I didn't need more than 2 skeins total for the finished product. :/ But, Si says it's a keeper. He really likes the way that the colors accentuate the "v" shape of the shawl.

I added a repeat to make the shawl just a teeny bit bigger and it's currently waiting to be blocked. I've just been too lazy.

Maggie would like you to know that she continues to inspect my finished products. This one passes muster, but just barely... :P

What definately passes muster is when her "Mom" decides to learn how to spin. Oooh yarn, and dangling things and sheepy smelling fresh wool!

Friday I took a comp day (I've logged over 80 comp hours this semester) and headed out to the Mannings. www.the-mannings.com While there I met some enticingly enthusiastic spinners and purchased roving and a drop spindle (as well as 2095 yds of Jagger Spun and some Dale Baby Ull for "We Be Pirates" mittens, but then who's counting?). Anywho, the spinning is sucking at the moment but I figure that with a determined effort I can learn to spin with the best of 'em. Besides, my suckage is another person's luxury slubby yarn. If nothing else I'm really happy with my choice of beginning on a drop spindle. This one isn't the nicest, but I figure if I can learn how to use it well before Maryland Sheep and Wool then while I am there I can pick up something much nicer and have a better idea of what I need. :)

My new project is the Arrrg-yle socks which I had intended to knit in July. No time like the present, eh? I've got one mostly done and a second started. Alas matey, they will be taken the piss out o' me, while I try to sew up their blasted seam and add me sigil. (Which is to say that the finishing is extensive so it might be awhile before they are completed.)


11 November 2006

Dream Diary

Dear Kristen,

Last night I dreamed that I was purchasing a drop spindle so that I could make my own laceweight yarn... This fiber infatuation, it's a sickness, a disease I tell you! I think about the fiber at work, I worship the fiber at my LYS, I DREAM about the cursed fiber! If anything keeps me out of heaven it will be that whole thing about trying not to covet another's wool silk blend...

On an unrelated side note, I watched "The End of Suburbia" on Thursday. One of the best things about working at an academic institution is that I can go to see a movie and it counts as "work"! It's a fantastic documentary. You should really try to see it if you can. Simon and I have been talking ever since about the issues it raised for us. Peak oil is a scary concept and could be an even scarier reality. I mean, what if they can't ship me my fiber?!?!?!?


08 November 2006


Dear Kristen,

I'm totally excited! The picture function is working... Wahoo! So, here you go, a bunch of ancient projects that I'm still very pleased with. First up is the shawl that I am actually wearing today. It's from the IK Summer '06 staff projects. This is the summer shawlette. I added a few rows to the bottom as I wanted it to be a bit longer and I am very pleased with the results. The yarn came from 2 seperate dyelots of Noro Cash Iroha. A Silk/Cashmere blend that I found half off at my LYS. WOO HOO! It's a little darker in person, more my kind of color really.

Second we have the shawl I made for the International Scarf Exchange. It is from the same IK staff project. This is the Little Arrowhead Shawl in a Noro Cotton silk blend that I can't for the life of me remember the name of... Below you can see details of the stitchwork and some of the stitch markers I made for my pal. I think she was pretty pleased with it although she chastized me for giving too much away in a post I made to the blog. *Shrug* whatever

Finally, socks. Actually these are a now copleted Christmas present for my sister! I hope she likes them. They are even brighter in person!

Happy knitting...