04 April 2007

What's your blogging purpose?

Dear Kristen,

Our blog has gotten sad. Really, really sad... I still haven't put up pictures from Christmas, and each time I think I should post something else drags me away. Then, I sit down at the computer and I keep reading these other fantabulous blogs, absently looking for the "key", you know that style or thought that keeps you hooked. It seems like I've found it in some places but I can't replicate it here. Here's where the research has gotten me... It appears that you need one of two things to make a really fantastic knitting blog:

1) Serious knitting talent, i.e. Eunny Jang. Eunny is such an amazing knitter that she can forget to post for a month but you know there are people like me who check back a couple of times a week for the entire period just to see if she'll post. It's her incredible patterns and skills that keep drawing us all back in. I'm guessing that's what will keep us reading Interweave Knits now that she's the editor...

2) Clear thoughts and frequent posting, i.e. Lolly. Lolly's blog is one of my favorites. What I really like - and this ties into a lot of the other blogs that I read - is that while she talks a little about her life her posts always connect to some bigger theme. At the moment it seems like her running themes are Project Spectrum and her weight loss journey, both of which are admirable persuits. I also really like the fact that there is no whining going on. She keeps whatever personal stress she has to herself. (This is something I fail on regularly. And, if I can't do it in real life I'm not sure I can manage it in a blog.) I think that Stephanie Pearl McPhee also does this well with her hook being an incredible sense of humor and the occasional "project", i.e. Knitting Olympics, or Knitters without Borders.

So. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. The blog has been here for a year. We don't post particularly regularly and we don't really have a following of readers. Do you want more from this? Or am I just overanalyzing? If you don't think I'm crazy, then let me know what you would like to see here.

Oh, and if you are are one of our 1.5 readers, let me know what you think about blogs. Or heck, blog about it! I'd really like to know where others are directing their crazy blogging adventures.



Joe said...

Hey, I just read it so I can keep up with your lives. I care not one iota for knitting, though you guys make pretty things.


Kristen said...

ok, here's my thoughts. it's true, we haven't done much with this yet. i don't know exactly where you're at with it either. i still want to keep it up because once i have internet again, i would like to do more with it. unfortunately you and i started this thing right before my internet went on the fritz and now i don't have it at all. once dan and i move in the next month or two, we'll have internet again. and i'll probably be knitting more again.

then again, i'm one of those people who has a million great ideas and can't ever do all of them.

anyway, i agree that we should talk about it more, but i still have high hopes for what we can do together!

K2knits said...

I think that sounds like a plan. Things have been crazy, and I'm not entirely sure what I am hoping for with this blog. Why don't we talk about it? If you get a chance, give me a call, or I can call you. I've been missing you lately. ;)

K2knits said...

HELP! I can't log in to our account to update the blog. I actually have some cool things to share and it won't let me in. What is going on? Any thoughts?

kepharel said...

ok. they recently switched the format to be compatible with gmail. go to the blogger homepage, blogger.com. make sure you're not signed in. up at the very top in the right corner, it says "Haven't switched to a Google Account? Claim your old Blogger account." click on that. you should be able to sign in with your old (regular) username and password, then it'll ask you about linking with gmail. just follow whatever steps they give you and you should be fine. if you still have problems, let me know and i'll try to help!

i've been missing you, too! we'll talk sometime about stuff. :) *hugs*

che said...

Oh honey trust me when I say its not only you that is having this issue!

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