23 May 2008

Spinning my life away!

Hey Kate,
I LOVE our new layout! It's so pretty! Thanks so much for doing that - it looks so much cleaner and easier to read. :)

Your grandfather is now a writer? How awesome! I have a particular fondness for old people, particularly old men (they're so adorable!) and I think it's GREAT when they do things to make themselves happy. My grandfather is a very cool old man and he's currently really into gardening. I don't have a current photo of his garden, but I'll post one soon. He had an enormous and wonderful garden at his home, but when he and my grandmother moved into a retirement community, he left all of that behind. The facility had a very derelict little patch out in the back, though, and they let him take it over and use his complete discretion. It's wonderful, and it's all he talks about nowadays. It's full of bulbs and perennials and roses and herbs and it's beautiful.

So, I have a few updates in my life. First, Dan quit his job! He was tired of being beaten up all day by the students without any staff stepping in to help, so he decided it was time to find a new job. He has sent his resume out all over the country, so who knows where we'll be living in a few months time! It's exciting and a little nerve-wracking but very good. I want him to be safe and happy at his job. :) Now I will have to find another job, though! I love working for my boss, and hopefully she can help me find something in the fiber industry wherever I end up.

Second, I've finally rented a spinning wheel and have made my first wheel-spun yarn! I'm renting a Louet Victoria, which I quite like, and I had a few lessons with a local fiber artist, Brooke of Tactile Fiber Arts. So, this first yarn is undyed BFL from Brooke. I have 336 yards of a sport-DK weight yarn (I haven't checked the WPI) and I couldn't be happier. I'm currently spinning up some undyed Finn wool (it's a creamy white color) and will use them both to make some colorwork mittens for myself and Dan. What do you think?

Lastly, I finally finished my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I'm mostly happy with it. I used Queensland Kathmandu DK yarn and size 3 needles. I went down to size 2s for the button bands, and I meant to for the neckband but I forgot. I may go back and re-do it. We'll see. No pictures of me wearing it because I feel fat right now. ;)

So that's all from here. I hope you and Simon are doing well! Have tons of fun on your trip to the UK, and hopefully I will still be in California long enough to see you at GA!



Lupie said...

I found your great blog on the stix-n-stitches group on Ravelry.
I have a group The Lesser Known Skeins just for blogs like yours. I will send you an invite.

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