21 March 2006


Dear Readers,

I've returned. The week spent in D'Iberville Mississippi was harrowing, wonderful and mostly devoid of knitting. So, I'll share with you a few photos and things that I learned along the way.

1) The Mississippi coast line (and by extension the Lousiana coast) is still in a state of utter destruction, but the people are full of hope.

2) Southern hospitatlity never ceases, even in the face of trauma and heartbreak.

3) Our Government has failed these people.

4) Amazingly the churches have not.

5) College students are amazing, especially the young people that I traveled with. I won't post their pictures here as I don't have permission, but suffice to say I have never met a better group of young adults. They are the future of our world and a bright future it is indeed. If only they were as newsworthy as the bad seeds...

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't want to upload my photos. So, I'll save them for another day and mix them in with some finished knitting (I hope!)...

K2Knits - who has returned to knitting "the ugly but wonderful socks"...

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eater of babies said...

i <3 the south. :)

i'm glad you had such a fabulous time! i can't wait to see the pics. and i can't wait to see your socks! mmmm... socks...

i'm glad you're back. i missed you!