17 August 2006

Exchange land...


It's been awhile since I participated in an exchange, but the pictures from your last exchange inspired me so I joined the International Scarf Exchange. I'm hoping to recieve a giftee who is interested in lace because I'd love to do something a little lacy...maybe the "Trellis" lace scarf in the Fall 2006 IK. Although that might be a bit much for a month long exchange.

In other news I've almost completed the first Sock for Si and I've made absolutely no progress whatsoever on the Debbie Bliss Cardi that I'm working on. This weekend is my ordination and the preparation for that event has taken over my entire life. It's worse than planning a wedding! I will be so thankful to be ordained and done with it all. There is so much other work I need to be doing right now, what with students arriving next week...who has time to knit?

Much Love,


Lolly said...

Oh fun! I am glad you are doing the ISE too. It should be a fun exchange. I can't wait to get my partner. I have some ideas in mind already - hope they match up with my partner's! :)

Laura said...

I just did a swap and was very unhappy with the results. And it was my first one! I think it has put me off swaps for a while.

K2 Knits said...

Lolly - That's my one concern. I'm so excited about my own ideas that I'm a little nervous about what my pal might like! But, I love to knit pretty much anything so it should be okay. :)

Laura - It's the one downside of swaps....they sometimes lead to either a really cruddy addition to your stash or a pal who doesn't fulfill their part of the "bargain". Hopefully the next one will be better for you!