23 August 2006

Dear Kristen,

I was hoping to have something to say that was intelligent and memorable about my ordination but my mind has only managed to hold on to a series of snapshots and I am at a loss for words. Instead I direct you to "The Ice Floe" on the sidebar. The author is a good friend of mine and has written the post about my ordination that I never could have composed. I am incredibly honored to have such a special day commemorated in her eloquent writing. The one facet that she misses are the details about my mother's ordination which occurred at the same time. My first act as an ordained clergywoman was to lay on hands for my mother's ordination. Incredible indeed...

In things related to knitting I'm feeling a little frustrated. Students are arriving which means that my evenings are so busy that I hardly ever see my beloved needles and yarn. While driving to and from CT I finished one sock for Si and cast on for the second but made no sweater progress. There was plenty of time for knitting but I was so tired it was difficult to make my fingers work. All in all, not a particularly photo worthy experience. In order to increase knitting time and try to make a few more friends I had hoped to start an SnB here in littlecity southcentral PA but the person who was going to assist in the endeavor hasn't responded to my e-mails and I'm wary about going forth. As a newly ordained pastor can I advertise a SnB in a conservative community without receiving incredibly negative feedback? Should I call it something else and advertise away? Am I willing to sit in Starbucks by myself on a monthly basis in an effort to get this show on the road?

Stay tuned...this is knitting in transition!



Laura said...

it's not bad sitting by yourself, you'll probably pick up knitters that way too

garts on the ordination! :)

eater of babies said...

i read that little memoir your friend wrote... it's beautiful. it makes me wish even more that i could have been there with you! alas, i did the budget two or three times and just didn't have the money. so i am sorry for that. but it's amazing and wonderful and beautiful that you are now ordained to the profession into which you were called. i'm so proud of you! *big hugs*