17 October 2006

Pastoral Provocation

Dear Kristen,

The muse 0f blog maintainance has not been kind to me and refuses to allow me to put up any of my FO or UFO images so instead we must be content with this particularly pastoral photograph which torments me.

When I visited CT for my ordination Simon and I took his parents to Old Surbridge Village. It was wool dying day and I fell in love with a small skein of yarn (photographed in the basket - it's on the far left) dyed this incredible melony-peachy color. It was subtle and vibrant at the same time, so completely different from anything I had ever admired before. I lusted after it. I visited it 4 times while I was there. And I was DENIED... They sell charming fabric squares, miniature spindles with miniature fleces, cable needles, and learn-to-knit kits but NO YARN! Are they INSANE????

In other knitting news...
I've completed the first in a pair of socks for my sister for christmas.
I finished a miniature shawl for the International Scarf Exchange and it is now on it's way to Singapore.
In order to complete the shawl in style I also made about 14 beaded stitch markers, two of which are accompanying the shawl on it's trans-atlantic journey.
My first shawl made for me is also complete - I wore it to work yesterday!
I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with the back of my Sabbath Sweater.
I haven't touched the cabled summer sweater in ages but I'll get back to it soon...

And I have fantabulous photos of all of it! But the muses are not on my side.

I can't wait to see the photos of your completed Christmas knitting! Especially the Cambridge sweater. I'd really like to make one for Simon but I'm not sure about my sweater knitting skills yet (actually it's the seaming that scares me). Your ideas sounds really incredible and I'm sure they will be much loved.

It's been great to hear from you! Sorry I've missed the updating boat. It keeps leaving port when I'm in the middle of a crisis at work. Are we surprised???


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eater of babies said...

denying someone gorgeous yarn is just not fair! i will poke them ferociously. with my mind.

i can't wait to see pics of your stuff! i hope the blog muse starts behaving better soon! i want to see your shawl!

the best book ever on finishing is the knitters book of finishing techniques. it gives you all sorts of great information and options for seaming, adding zippers and buttons, shaping neck and armholes, and all kinds of other things. i got it this spring and now i won't finish sweaters without it! i'd highly recommend at least checking it out from the library. :)