18 July 2006


Dear Kristen,

I'm back to what I like best! Knitting socks. :) While gaming last night I finished 2! Wahoo! First we have the fabulous stitch pattern of the Carousel Lace Socks from a little company called "Saratoga Knits". I don't know much about this company and it might be something you can only get in that area. I purchased this pattern and the yarn (Fortissima Cotton) at the Stitchin' Post. I haven't really done much lace knitting so I was impressed when the decreases created what looks like a little cable pattern along the YOs.

Alas, the two completed socks do not match... On the Right is my very first sock knit with Lang Jawool Cotton (which is about %50 wool, %45 cotton and %5 polyamide). This sock had a french (?) toe - the kind where you decrease every x number of stitches to create a rounded toe - like the top of a hat. I HATED wearing it. Not comfortable at all... So, when it came apart at the toe seam I took it as a sign that I just needed to rework it. The new toe is lovely! And my feet are super happy. They love the handknit socks.

I also took the opportunity to learn a new trick. Kitchener Stitch! Alas, it didn't go so well the first time. UGH! This is ugly...
I think I eventually figured it all out though... I'm not sure I'm a huge fan. It seems like you really need to pull the kitchener sitching tight as you go along rather than pulling it tight at the end as you would if you simply ran the tail through all the remaining stitches. But it worked, and I kitchenered both of these socks in manner much more appealing so I'll do the same for their mates and see how I feel about it in the end.
Speaking of the end, I leave you with an image of a "first" that is now wearable. I <3 this sock! It's time to get working on some mates.

Happy Knitting,


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