20 July 2006

When life sucks knit.

Dear Kristen,

This summer has been full of stuff "to do" and completely lacking in down time. The stress of it all is about to undo me so I've been knitting to stay sane. Thank God for knitting. Here are a few more finished objects. This is a finished "Perdita" in the correct size blocking (the previous Perdita is now a rather lovely bookmark). Luckily it's so tiny that it blocks in no time.
And I was able to finish the crocheted edge, button holes, and attach buttons last night. I'm wearing the finished project while I type. If I had a better camera you'd be able to see all the fun details. I really really liked this project!
And completed socks! It's still a little warm for them since they are a wool/cotton blend, but I'm sure I'll be wearing them all the time come fall. This is the 3rd (?) pair I've made for myself - or the first depending on how you count it - and I can't wait until I have hand knit socks for every day of the week. I think I already own the yarn to make this a reality I just have to keep on knitting. :P

Back to work!


msfortuknit said...

Right on nice work!

K2 Knits said...

Thanks! :)