12 September 2006

oh, fudge.

dear kate,

i'll do the regular "i'm back" stuff in a minute. i just got off the phone with my grandmother. *sigh* my grandmother doesn't knit. a few months ago we went to the yarn shop near her house. she'd been there a few times and really wanted me to go with her and look at yarn. i went and offered to make her whatever she wanted as long as she bought the yarn. she picked out some manos del uruguay in granite and we decided to do a simple raglan pullover to better show off the yarn. we bought about 1000 yards of it and i brought it home to make the sweater. well, about 2 weeks ago i started winding the yarn into balls to start knitting. i sat down with yarn and needles and realized i hadn't gotten grandma's measurements. so when i took her measurements she told me she now wants a mid-thigh length cardigan and might not even like this yarn anymore! of course, now that the yarn is in balls i can't return it. i'm kinda nervous about this whole thing. just now, she called me from the yarn store and is trying to find her own pattern and yarn. i wish she'd told me she was going; i'd have gone with her and helped. i mean, she's not a knitter - i'm a little dubious of her picking the stuff out on her own. *sigh* this could be a disaster! then again, it could be just fine. i'll just have to wait and see. she said she'd call back.

well, anyway, i'm back from oblivion! i now have internet access again, which is much better than life sans-internet. for starters, if i have no internet, i do not have our blog! sad. anyway, things are ok here. i've been doing lots of knitting, though i have no pictures yet. i made a felted cloche hat for myself and have started a sweater for my dad. dan wants a john muir scarf of knit picks andean treasure in summer sky and eventually a gryffindor quidditch sweater. i'll try to take some pics this weekend and post them. in the meantime, i'm going to kalamazoo to hang out with dan and start looking for jobs.

so that's the scoop around here. as usual, i'm coveting lots of yarns and have lots of patterns in my head that i want to make, but i need to focus on christmas gifts. there's a question for you - what are you working on for christmas? i'm so curious!

i'm glad you're well. i missed you!


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K2 Knits said...

yay yay yay *happy dance of joy*

I'm so glad you are back! Can't wait to see pictures...that scarf looks amazing.

To answer your question, I'm not sure I am knitting anything for christmas gifts. But, that may change as the time draws near. We shall see.