19 September 2006

kristen's christmas knitting

dear kate,
ok, i'm posting this all here so that i can keep track of it all. and also so i can get your input/approval/disgust at my choices. :) i have most of my gifts figured out, and some of them have even been started. woo. so here we go. as i start them, i'll italicize them and as i finish them, i'll cross them out. i'm very visual - i need coded lists of things. :)

brian (brother) - cambridge jacket from summer '06 IK of wool of the andes in sapphire heather.
alaine (sister-in-law) - tubey from knitty in various wool of the andes colors.
pat (aunt, my giftee in the family exchange) - garden path shawl of wool of the andes in arctic pool heather.
mom - bayerische socks of gloss in dusk
- knitpicks sock memories shawl (no longer available) of sock memories in rocky mountain dusk.
dad - leo from knitty of merino style in moss.
grandma - i have no clue. she likes glitzy stuff. any ideas?
grandpa - some modified broadstreet mittens from knitty (i don't like the shape of the mitten cap, but the template is good) of sock memories in cape cod
dan - not sure yet. he wants a gryffindor quidditch sweater, so maybe that + something else.
dan's mom - bayerische socks of gloss in concord grape.
dan's dad - irish hiking scarf and hat of andean treasure in granite.
dan's stepmom - bayerische socks of gloss in woodland sage.

ok, i think that's all of them. *phew* time to go chat with dan. :)



One Skein Pal said...

Whoa--looks like you're going to be busy :) So so so sorry I havent sent your last package yet, Im having a difficult time finding an essential piece-- hang in there, I havent forgotten about you :)

eater of babies said...

don't worry about it! :) i keep trying to post a pic of the hat i made with the noro yarn you sent... still haven't done anything with the leicester yarn; i'm waiting for it to speak to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is Sarahpanda, I haven't heard from Kristen in awhile and was hoping that she could drop me an email. I hope to see both mah Reverend-ettes online here soon!

K2 Knits said...

You're insane! I can't believe that you are going to try to knit all of that before Christmas! The only person I know of who is crazier than that is the Yarn Harlot herself...

I'm mostly avoiding Christmas knitting. Currently I'm making a pair of socks or two for my sister, and possibly a shawl for my mother. But, it all remains to be seen. :P