30 November 2006



The pirate Arrrg-yles are done! I'm quite pleased with them although they are a little bigger than I expected...while knitting the first one I stopped short because I was worried that they migh not be large enough around the calf. Boy was I wrong!

Yarn: Dale Baby Ull
Needles: US 3 40in circular Addi Turbo
Pattern: A combination of the Moth Heaven Aarg-yle chart and the more detailed argyle pattern from a place I can not remember nor locate. It was a great pattern that I printed out in detail and barely used. (the best intentions, eh?)

When I finished last night Simon requested that I work on a project that is partway done so it's back to the saltmines and the Holly wrap from "Jo Sharp book 2" for me. (Picture of wrap below.)

The pattern in the book was incorrect so the original 6 skeins I purchased for the project was not nearly enough so at about 1/4 of the way through I siwched to a dark blue which will form the middle panel and eventually the fringe. I'm not quite as pleased with it as I would have been if it was all the same color but I think it will be beautiful in the end.

Happy Christmas knitting, friends!



Lolly said...

The socks are AMAZING! the argyle is great!!

K2 Knits said...

Thanks! I duplicate stitched them and I'm not %100 happy with the results so I think next time I'd just put the outline portions in as I went along.