11 November 2006

Dream Diary

Dear Kristen,

Last night I dreamed that I was purchasing a drop spindle so that I could make my own laceweight yarn... This fiber infatuation, it's a sickness, a disease I tell you! I think about the fiber at work, I worship the fiber at my LYS, I DREAM about the cursed fiber! If anything keeps me out of heaven it will be that whole thing about trying not to covet another's wool silk blend...

On an unrelated side note, I watched "The End of Suburbia" on Thursday. One of the best things about working at an academic institution is that I can go to see a movie and it counts as "work"! It's a fantastic documentary. You should really try to see it if you can. Simon and I have been talking ever since about the issues it raised for us. Peak oil is a scary concept and could be an even scarier reality. I mean, what if they can't ship me my fiber?!?!?!?


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