02 December 2006


Dear Kristen,

I went down to my LYS seeking a few more skeins of the yarn I'm using for the Holly wrap when I came across a brand new copy of the 1996 ed. of Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting. It looks just like the one pictured below. Perfect condition and everything. The incredible deal is that they charged me cover price. $34.95 baby! There are copies on e-bay going for $85-$100!

I am so psyched. I never thought I'd be able to afford this book. It's a classic, full of wonderful information on the construction of Fair Isle knits. I know I will love having it in my collection and I can't believe I found a copy being sold at it's original price!

Now it's back to the salt mines and the holly wrap for me....



eater of babies said...

oh my word! i'm so freakin' jealous! what a fantastic deal. :) now you have to use that book like mad and post all kinds of gorgeous and intricate fair isle stuff. :)

K2 Knits said...

I can't wait until I'm a good enough knitter to be able to design my own fair isle knits. I'm a little torn by the designs in the book. The are very 1980s and I'm just not a fan of super baggy sweaters. Hopefully after I finish the 3 sweaters I currently have on the go I'll know enough about fit and finishes to modify what's available a little.