01 December 2006

Hey K,

I started working on the shawl again last night and quickly decided that I didn't like what I had been planning. The color changes I envisioned are too symmetrical and I think I'm too far along to change anything. Bugger! I also only completed one row and quickly got bored. Not sure where that came from, it's been ages since a project bored me but I guess part of it was realizing that I am 8 skeins into a 14 skein project and it's only halfway done according to my measurements (I'm 104 cm into a 200cm project). After about 2 years of working on this on and off I can't even imagine ever finishing it. I suspect that it has at least another 2 years before it's done.

I also "finished" the spinning I was working on. After plying I was left with a VERY bulky 2 ply that was barely long enough to turn into a gauge swatch. It's going to take lOTS of practice if I ever expect to really get good at producing yarn. Luckily I have what has turned out to be a ton of fiber (Australian Top - super soft) to practice with. I'm thinking I need to join a spinning guild and get some expert training.

Hope your knitting (and your recent move) are both shaping up well.


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