27 February 2006

*happy sock dance*

so, i gave up on the olympics. i think i threw in the towel sometime on saturday. instead, much to my mother's chagrin, i started making some socks for MYSELF. (she's just mad because i still haven't finished her christmas present. silly woman.) anyway, i'm using the lorna's laces that i posted a while back. i was going to make pomatomus, but after i started i remembered two things: 1) i hate ktbl, especially on addi turbos; and 2) i want to use every last inch of this yarn. knitting cuff-down isn't the best way to make that happen. so i'm doing my first toe-up socks! i'm very excted. so far, they look like this:

ms. k2 knits, i can't wait to see your olympic project! show us, show us!

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