13 February 2006

yarn love + olympic progress

so, today i got my order from little turtle knits. ^_^ i managed to find some lorna's laces sock yarn on SALE, which was great. see, none of my LYSes have any in stock right now. totally weird. so anyway, i got that, as well as some regia cotton surf, which i've never used before. *happy sock dance* i want to make some socks for ME for once!

on olympic news, i'm on row 93. i'm a little freaked out by how small it is, but i'm hoping it will be ok. if not, i'll block the hell out of it and give it to a tiny person.


Jen said...

Pretty yarn! Is that the Lorna's Laces on right? I thought it might be Socks That Rock at first, but not having knit with either one yet, I couldn't really tell.

eater of babies said...

yeah, that's the lorna's laces. i'm soooo excited about it! i haven't knit with it yet; being a POOR knitter, i usually use knitpicks or other cheap yarn. (i <3 knitpicks, but using a luxury yarn every now and then is a nice treat!) i'm going to make knitty's pomatomus socks with it. ^_^