27 February 2006


The past two weeks were INSANE! I traveled all over the world. (Well, not the world, per-se, but definately all over the eastern part of the US.) And I still managed to complete my knitting olympics project. All Hail a Knitting Olympian (or 2).

That's right dedicated readers (do we have any of those?), I am a knitting olympian, and I scored a gold! Oh, and even better, so did my mother the knitting/sewing/quilting/crafting goddess and bearer of wine and other reinforcements.

Photographic evidence follows:

Here is a photo of the progress as of Wednesday. (Sunday through Tuesday were spent at a conference, and Thursday and Friday were spent at Yale where I was the lecturer! But that's a story for another day.) So, while it would appear that we had plenty of time to complete the project (heck, they look like they're complete already) I was actually down to the wire with the dreaded steeks and sewing left to complete. Thank God for reinforcements which arrived Friday evening complete with steak for my husband, wine for everyone and a second Olympian with stellar sewing skills!

Sewing the steeks...can you tell that I have NO sewing skills? Ahhh! See, that is the point exactly! You can not tell that I lack sills because of the close proximity of Mom-the-craft-goddess. Her magical abilities are beyond mere mortal comprehension.

Again, the presence of the goddess perserveres and the cutting of the knitting happens without incident.

After assistance in the selection of the appropriate needle with which to attach the lovely burgundy velvet trim and buttons we end with (almost) complete success and blocking ensues.

Beautiful, Eh?

And, in the midst of this chaos, Mom-the-craft-goddess, also finished her project. A pair of Conwy Socks in Lorna's Laces.

In progress as of Saturday evening, and

Completed Socks!

It was a triumphant weekend indeed. :)

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