23 February 2006

let's try again

so, i started to post the other day, but the emotional situation around my house kind of exploded and i gave up. but i'm back! ha!

1. my olympic knitting is in a sad, sad state. i've conceded defeat. i could have finished it if i hadn't gotten that second job, the flu, and didn't have to take care of my mother post-surgery. alas, that is not the case. here's a pic of the poor little shawl, though i'm now slightly farther than i was there. (i finished the final tree chart.)

2. i've been teaching my mother how to knit. her first project was, of course, a garter stitch scarf. her second project? a booga bag. here it is, pre-felting, doubling as an executioner's hood. (the prisoner here is my brother.)

3. my grandmother's birthday was this week, so we had a party for her. i knit her an odessa hat with cascade bollicine dolly (yummy merino). she didn't like the things i made her for christmas, so this was my last attempt at grandmother-pleasing. she liked it.

that's all for now. i've started working on a SOOPER SEEKRIT project that i can't tell you about. but i'm very excited. it may involve attempting to get published. wish me luck!

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