22 April 2006

Hey K!

The yarn I used for the socks pictured two entries below was a Fiberspates sock yarn sent to me all the way from England. It was a gift from my wonderful secret pal. My feet love the bright colors (too many pairs of black socks make them a little sad) although they are still getting used to ordinary wool. Too often they are the recipient of Marino socks and so they are still learning the joys of pure wool.

I'm currently procrastinating a sermon that needs to be written by 4:30 today. So, to distract myself I've added two new blogs to the list of things we like to read. I'm a big fan of Lolly and Eunny. Lolly is the mastermind behind project spectrum. A new way to brighten the wardrobe of any knitting goth. Need a punch of color for may? Try knitting green socks or a little spring wrap! Green and black do wonderful things together. I also like Lolly because she reminds me of myself on my intentionally normal days (i.e. most days). She's perky, funny, a snappy dresser and generally a very nice person. As for Eunny, the woman is a knitting genius! Check the fantastic fair isle sweater she is currently designing. If I woke up with that kind of knit-fu talent I'd think I'd died and gone to knitters heaven. Some day when I am done with the Wedding Afghan cycle I'll start on her Deep V vest. It's beautiful!

In the realm of things theological. Check the UCC website (www.ucc.org) and their corresponding website for the new commercial (http://www.ucctakeaction.org/showuccad). They have put together a second installment in their phenomenal TV advertisements for the church using their slogan "God is still speaking". While I'm not UCC I value their inclusivity and openness. Someday I hope that same attitude which I find woven throughout the biblical text will exist in our own denomination. In the mean time consider signing their petition and sending this information to friends.

I hope that you are continuing to recover well.

Much love,

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Lolly said...

You are too kind! Thank you so much for your compliments!