20 April 2006

yarn pr0n

hey k,
i love the pics of simon and of your very DOOMy boots. i have some new rock boots too and i love them but they hurt my feet! *sad girl* your glowy socks are so fun, too... what yarn is that? i'm so curious. and it's really funny that we're both knitting wedding afghans right now. how bizarre is that?

well, since i have no knitting to show you at the moment, i thought i'd share some yummy yarn: my most recent two orders from knitpicks, the latest of which arrived yesterday. now that i'm feeling better and i've got yarn, i really want to start working on stuff!

the entire haul

this stuff is destined to be a clapotis (for me!)

and this will be a tubey, also for me! (the colors look a little weird on here; they're really black and three coordinating shades of purple.)

the other yarn is for some socks (probably elfine's socks for the green stuff and maybe some jaywalkers for the orangey-red stuff) and the rest is for that afghan i posted about a couple of weeks ago. anyway, yay for yarn. i'm really really excited about my tubey, though i probably won't start it for a month or two. *sigh* too many other gifts and whatnot to finish first. sometimes i hate just knitting for other people. usually that's just when i've been really sick or whatever and need to do something nice for myself, as is the case now. maybe my friends will just have to get their afghan a little late...



Tipper said...

You should really at least get started on something for yourself. Maybe make one sock and then switch to the afghan (or whatever needs to come next) before doing the other sock? (If you're anything like me, you need a break between socks!)

I think that knitting for oneself is an essential activity, especially a little extra comfort is needed.

Feel better soon, dearie!

K2 Knits said...

The sock yarn was a Fiberspates yarn sent to me from England by my secret pal. It is a little scratchier than I usually like...what can I say, I'm a sucker for marino socks! :) I'll prolly post all of this in my next entry. Alas sermon writing is calling instead! :)


msfortuknit said...

talk about a yarngasm