29 June 2006

Hey Kristen!

I'm so sad that your tubey doesn't fit. :( It's a beautiful knit. Your sister-in-law will be so pleased to receive such a lovely gift. (If she isn't she should be kicked. :P ) I

The wedding afghan is proceeding very nicely. I spent a LOT of time knitting it this weekend. On the way to the bridal shower, after the bridal shower, on the way to my meeting in Ohio, at the meeting in Ohio (NACUC exec runs meetings that could rival any Presbytery - I knit for 7 hours on Monday while we kindly debated a million different things), and finally on the way home while I waited for a flight delayed by the downpour that has taken over this area of the country. Alas, while I thought about taking pictures each time I picked up the project I did not. So, here are pictures of last night's work (taken by S). I am SUPER pleased with the length. It's fun to knit something that covers your toes. :) But the width leaves a little to be desired. Live, Learn and Knit...

Alas, this picture while cute is super blurry so S took a second that is much less so. Although I'm making quite the face... S says it's the "serious knitting" face. I wish it showed my super cute haircut a bit better. But, it's just not so super cute when it's tucked behind my ears, a must for dedicated knitting time. What you can't see in either picture is that the sweatshirt is one I picked up while visiting our Alma Mater. Go fighting scots! :P

Take care and Happy Knitting!
Much love,

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eater of babies said...

the afghan looks amazing! and you look so cute. :) thanks, s, for taking those pics! and i <3 your haircut. i can tell what it looks like, i swear. probably because i've seen you with several different haircuts and i know what your hair does. ;)