06 June 2006


Dear Kristen,

There could be pictures, but today there are not. Suffice to say that the wedding afghan has risen like a phoenix and it is beautiful. The untwisted YOs leave a beautiful little pattern of holes., and the afghan is now 2 inches or so under the proper width. Sighs of relief abound, I did not frog without reason! I'm working on it daily, making good progress and constantly looking for opportunities for more knitting. The big day is only a month away so I am VERY nervous that the big gift won't be done. Time for some serious prayer and hard work!

Which brings us to the rest of life. Time for some serious prayer. Now that the students are gone there is time to reflect and I find myself paralyzed by it. All around me I hear of "success" but it's hard to see in an honest way. My boss is a very kind woman, but she knows nothing about what I do here which means that any improvements I make are mostly a direct result of my own self reflection. Have you ever noticed how accurate we humans are when it comes to assessing our own work? Yeah. Same problem here. I either think I'm amazing or terrible and neither are accurate. The best suggestion I've heard recently is "find a spiritual director" but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter - and ideas from readers as well! If you don't find other people in your workplace who can help you see your successes and failures in their full spectrum how do you reflect honestly on what you have done and what you need to do to improve?

In other news I got a fabulous hair cut. It's a cute little professional a-line. The President stopped twice in one day to tell me it was a great cut. *phew*

This weekend is reunion. I hope to see you there, but if not I'll send you photos!

Much love,

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