29 June 2006

Dear Kristen,

A few new things for your perusal. I just remembered that there are a couple of fantastic blogs that I wanted to point out in my last post. Oops!

www.soapturtle.blogspot.com - Laura is a part of a Knitting group in MD that I keep intending to join. She's a fun person and a great knit blogger....

www.mamaespot.com - Same as above, except Erin is also a fabulous dye maven. I have a skein of her sock yarn waiting for the completion of the Wedding Afghan. It's gorgeous!

And then there are a few lean a little more toward ministry (rather than knitting) content and thought I'd point you in their general direction. I think it would be fun to add them to our regularly scheduled reading list, but that's just me. Let me know what you think!

www.kewp.blogspot.com - "Any Day a Beautiful Change" - this woman is a DoC pastor at a church in California. She's a gifted writer and theological thinker. I <3 her work and her sermons which are featured at www.southbaychristianchurch.blogspot.com

theiceflew.typepad.com - This blogger is an ordained presbyterian minister, a good friend and a wonderful mentor from my grad school days. She's an incredible preacher!

revgalblogpals.blogspot.com - This is a great place to find fantastic blogs and theological content. Wahoo!

If you see anything you like would you mind adding it to our sidebar? I know I figured out how to add some of the blogs I read awhile back, but I've forgotten...