23 June 2006

Whoa Doggies!

Dear Kristen,

Long time, no post-y. Life has been busier than I thought it would be. Work is much easier over the summer, but I find the time for self reflection to be, well, a little overwhelming. I think I like more work and less self reflection better!

Knitting is good! And I have proof of its goodness in pictorial abundance (or something...). Here we have the hat I made for Sebastian, the newborn son of two of my favorite people, and younger brother to the fabulous Miss Q! I knit it in 3 hours on my birthday just in case it would induce Sebastian to come join us. He did so, but that was 5 days later. This was knit in Rowan All Seasons Cotton on size 7 needles. I used a basic pattern from the Yarn Harlot's book, "Knitting Rules". If I make a matching hat for big sister Miss Q it will be knit in the round. I'm not a fan of seaming (mostly because I am very ill equipped in stitcherly ways)!

And finally, progress shots of the afghan. It's turning out much better the second time. As is evidenced by the shot below. Look! A lace pattern emerges! Alas, the lace pattern does not seem to make the blanket any wider and by the end I will have produced a lovely if rather small lap-ghan. *sigh* I'm hoping that blocking will work wonders, but I'm not overly optimistic. If I was smart I'd invest in blocking wires this weekend, but instead I will host a bridal shower in Connecticut (and I will knit the afghan while I fly).

Below you will see the Afghan progress as of June 14th. It's about 3 times that length now and growing at a rapid rate. I would absolutely repeat this pattern. It goes so quickly!

Much love,

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Laura said...

The Afghan is BEAUTIFUL!!