31 May 2006

Finally! There are pictures...

Dear Kristen,

Finally, pictures of the completed Whitby socks! As you will see, Simon loves them. Loves them so much in fact that his feet are doing the happy sock dance of joy...

(He is insistent that these poses are merely an effort to show off their marvelous construction...)

And finally, a pose with the cast off store bought. They do pale in comparison, don't they?

Thus ends another project this year! (Now I just have to find something other than socks to make...)

On Wednesday I had the joy of spending time with some of our favorite people, Joe and Rachel. As of one week earlier it was a complete surprise that I would be in Portland for work. Wa-hoo! They picked me up at the airport and whisked me off to Joe's (relatively) new house for the grand tour. I am so impressed with his adult abode. :) Afterward we were off to a Martini bar. Amazing how city-dwellers live in such style. I'm really starting to feel like a country mouse!

We had much to chat about, so while we awaited the drinks we swapped stories. I am totally in love with the Portland they shared with me. Not to mention that hanging out with the two of them is like getting together with long lost family members.

It is also important to note that Joe and Rachel are terminally cute. One of these days I'm going to keel over dead because of the cuteness! (see the evidence?!?!)

Drinks arrived. Mine is the one with the whipped cream and cherry. I can't remember what it was called, but it tasted like dark chocolate. As I was required to get up and work (give a presentation to alums and The President) the next morning I only had one, but oh was it tasty! Only God could come up with such perfection in alcoholic form...

After spending time with Joe and Rachel it was work, work, work, on Thursday and Friday after which I spent many many hours in the Sea-Tac airport. If it wasn't for this view and their wireless internet I think I would've gone crazy!

On Saturday morning (after the red-eye...never again!) Si picked me up and we headed to Baltimore to attend a Neil Gaiman signing. Ahhh...bliss. We heard him dialogue with Peter S. Beagle, read some phenomenal unpublished short stories, and then we waited in a very long line to have our books signed. Here the sock of the moment lounges with the book to be signed. It's appropriately black and lacy.... :P

And thus concludes the post!


PS: The wedding afghan? What wedding afghan? Oh, that's right! The one that I frogged completely when I realized that the fact that I was twisting my YOs when I knit them meant that it was 10 INCHES too narrow!!! *sigh* I cast on a second time last night and I'll share photos when...when....well, eventually anyway.


Anonymous said...

welcome home!!!

Laura said...

I love the mansocks! I need to make shmoo's socks one day.

msfortuknit said...

You guys have so much fun! I hope that everything is well!
Happy 4th!