07 May 2006

it's derby day!

hey k,
ok, i have 8 million things to say to you because i haven't responded to your last couple of posts yet. i've been waiting to take pics of my latest project but i keep forgetting. oops. so i figured i'd better just post and i can put up the pics later.

so. thing 1. I <3 YOUR FREAKIN' LEXIE BARNES BAG!!!!! i'm so jealous. you have the best husband ever. does he have any, uh, friends he could hook me up with? friends who like goth-minister-knitters? also, i love your sheepy pajamas. you have the best stuff.

si's whitby socks are awesome. i've been sitting on that pattern for a zillion years and i even have the yarn. i need to just do it! i've admired all of yours. yummm socks. :)

I'M ALSO FREAKIN' JEALOUS THAT YOU'RE GOING TO A FIBER FESTIVAL!!! there are a couple coming up in this area, though, so maybe i can manage to attend one. (and by "in this area" i mean "within a 5-6 hour drive.") i hope you have all the fun in the world! you should totally watch the sheepdog demonstrations - they're really cool. australian cattle dogs are my favorite herding dogs, though they're used more for cattle than sheep. i've also been itching to learn how to spin... my LYS just got some buttery alpaca fiber but unfortunately they don't sell spindles. *sigh* i can't wait to hear all about it! post pics of all the yarn you buy! (i know you'll buy some - you can't resist the yarn! it's like crack, only tastier!)

as for attending the reunion... we'll see. the trouble is that the IKEA grand opening is june 7 and as you know our reunion is june 8-10. i might be able to get a day or two off, but i certainly won't be able to attend the entire weekend, which completely bums me out. i was really looking forward to going. are y'all driving or flying? if nothing else, maybe we can meet somewhere between school and here and hang out for an afternoon? (i live about 3 hours from there.) well, we can talk about that more once i figure out what the deal is with work. if i come, i'll probably bring my tubey sweater and some socks. (i hate only having one project with me; i'm so ADD.)

also, we could totally use our real names if you wanted - i'd be fine with that. it probably gets confusing for our readers to see us addressing each other as k and k. ;)

so today was the kentucky derby. for any readers who don't know, i just moved to michigan from louisville and i miss it quite a bit. today i made all kinds of kentucky foods and watched horse-racing all day long. it was awesome. my horse didn't win, but i has the 3rd place horse right. if i'd been placing real bets at the track, i would probably have managed to make a little bit of cash. oh well. anyway, in honor of kentucky and yummy food with bourbon in it, here's a recipe:

derby pie
1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted and cooled to room temp
2 eggs
1 c sugar
1/2 c flour
1 c chocolate chips
1 1/2 c chopped pecans
2 T bourbon
single unbaked pie crust

beat eggs with cooled butter. add flour & sugar, beat until smooth and mixed well. mix in bourbon. fold in chocolate chips and pecans. scrape into pie shell and bake at 350* for 30-35 minutes.

<3 k

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Tipper said...

Real names would be nice! :) I can only distinguish between the two of you when I connect what you've said with what you've said elsewhere, because I'm not bright enough to read the names at the bottom of each post, it seems. ;)