24 May 2006

Sans Photographie

Hey Kristen,

I was so excited to read your fanastic post with the wedding shrug and tubey photos! So excited in fact that I was determined to create an equally fantastic photo filled post. Then the camera conspired against me. Cannon sells a lovely little camera that uses AA batteries to take it's beautiful photos. It's masterful really, no tracking down the charger when you want to shoot, just dump out a couple of easily found batteries and you are off! This darling camera has a little cord that connects it to your computer and voila, the photos upload. There they dance, happily settling in on your hard drive, ready for posting. Unless the batteries have been used before. That's right folks, if your batteries aren't FRESH OUT OF THE PACKAGE there will be NO PHOTOS FOR YOU. *sigh* I can't afford to buy new batteries every time I need to upload photos so I'm going to have to buy the right card reader. What a pain in my butt... So, I have photos of Si's finished Whitby socks and the wedding afghan progress but they will all have to wait. In the interim I will regale you with other stories and dreams of the new socks I am working on... Darn! Outed again. I can't stop. I just love the socks! Bad KATE! YOU SHOULD KNIT THE AFGHAN! (The Afghan would be much more enjoyable if I hadn't chosen a boucle for the base yarn. Who wants to knit a yarn with extra loops when you can work with something smooth and lovely like superwash marino sock yarn?)

Luckily there is still good news that doesn't require a camera to share. I recieved the graded copy of my final paper for my Hebrew Exegesis course. This paper was the first of my graduate school career of which I was actually proud. Thankfully my Professor also enjoyed it and gave me an A-. After a rather lengthy period of being completely convinced that I was in idiot I'll take it! There might be an academic future for me after all.

In other news, I'm heading to Portland and Seattle this week to meet with Alums of the fine institution where I work. It should be a really fun trip (our alums are wonderful people and I always enjoy spending time with them). The icing on the cake? I get to see Joe and Rachel! Wahooo! I'll take photos of the knitting, the flying and the visits on my cameraphone (which is way eaiser to use than the damned camera) and post when I return.

Take care!

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