18 May 2006

tubey and le wedding outfit

hello miss kate!
ok, this is going to be mostly pictures. first WIP is my tubey sleeve in wool of the andes coal, hyacinth, tulip, and hush. second, i'm posting pics of me actually WEARING the dress and shrug i posted about a few days ago. a few folks asked me for them so here they are. (ignore my face and hair - i'm sick today!)

i hope you're feeling better! i seem to have caught your sore throat through the internet.


thoushaltnot said...


you're on row 5, over on the left, wearing your pretties

thoushaltnot said...

check that. the right.

K2 Knits said...

Ack! No illness for you... Although I suppose it could be a Pennsylvania illness since you were in my lovely state this weekend!

I absolutely love your dress! It's really spectacular. And the shrug-"capelet" thing is also really amazing. Well done!

Again I'm having problems with the stupid camera. Unless the batteries are brand new it won't connect to the computer. Dumb camera... Once I download the photos I'll post an update!

PS: You have my hair! It's the same cut I had senior year and I'm about to repeat in a longer version. :P It looks great...if only I could get away with blue bangs!