03 May 2006


Hey K!

I'm goin to a big honkin' fiber part-ay this week and I am so excited! (Si is less excited, but we'll just leave him out for a little bit...) This weekend is the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival and for the first time EVER my new home is actually close to something cool. Rock on! I'm hoping to catch the sheepdog demonstrations and purchase some fabulous yarn. And...I'm feeling a little drawn to pretty fiber that needs to be spun. Hopefully I've got another year or two of knitting before spinning looks too good...It's kinda like that procreation urge. Something to put off until there are no other interesting options in life. :P

In actual completed knitting news, I finished one of Si's whitby socks and have started on the second. I keep telling myself it's all because socks are good traveling projects, but the truth is that I'm sock obsessed... Haven't made any progress at all on the wedding afghan in the last two weeks. Not like the wedding is in 2 months! ACK!

I began the second sock in one of my more awesome location choices. I cast on while chatting with one of the Religion professors from the school I work at while we were on our way to the Save Darfur rally. Then, I proceeded to finish a pretty good ammount of the cuff while standing up (with the ball of yarn tucked under my arm) and cheering the speakers. The people watching was great, and I figured that by knitting I was just adding to the ambiance.

Activism and knitting made for a fabulous Sunday (and I figured that with those two together God would forgive me for missing church).

Now I'm back to finishing my FINAL PAPER! That's right folks. When I finish this exegesis I will never have to write another paper again...until I decide to go for that PhD in Pastoral Care that is!

and much love,

PS Are you getting any knitting done with the new job to keep you busy?

PS2 Are you planning on going to our college reunion, and if so, what knitting will you bring? I have to plan accordingly. (Not that I have an afghan to work on or anything...)


Elise said...

lest you think no one reads your knitting blog, i just wanted to drop in to say "I DO"! :-)

I still knit, but law school takes enough time that my projects have suffered significantly. recall the multicolored blanket i have been working on for 10 years? yeah, it's still not done...sigh.

anyway, i'm glad you two are both doing so well...and working on so many neat projects :-). i'm jealous...i want to learn how to make socks. perhaps that will be my goal for this summer.

*hugs* from madison, WI.

msfortuknit said...

godspeed im doing finals next week and trying to focus on my studies! grrrr