18 May 2006


hey kate!
ok, i don't have any pics to show yet (though i might post part of my tubey later on today), but i just had to show you these amazing afghan patterns! you know how much of a science/math dork i can be, and all of these mathematical afghans are just incredible! i'm also rather keen on the labyrinth ones since they match my labyrinth tattoo. :) anyway, some of them are also rather quilt-ish, which goes along with my sewing and quilt-making hobbies, too. if ever there were soulmate afghan patterns, these would be mine! anyway, i just had to share i'll post some tubey later on. :) in the meantime, i'm going back to bed. (it's only about 7:30am and i've been up for an hour; lots of pain and ickyness this morning. i got up, ate some toast, took a painkiller, and now that it's kicked in i think i can sleep again!)


edit: oh my gosh, they have matching freakin' cushions! i <3 mathematical knitting!

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