12 May 2006


hey kate,
oh man, it looks like you guys had a GREAT time at the festival! i'm so jealous! your yarn looks amazing, too... i can't wait to see it knit up! if you want to talk about lace knitting, let me know! lace is my very favorite thing to knit. it sounds like you met some really cool knitters. i really hope i'm able to go to one of the midwestern fiber festivals this summer. they're all still pretty far away, but we'll see. oh, and yes, that dog is indeed a border collie. :) they're great herding dogs!

update on the reunion: i *might* be able to come down for an entire day. i'm trying to work it out with my supervisor. we'll see. :)

so, i'm finally posting pics of the shrug i finished about two weeks ago. it all started last year, when i was supposed to go a wedding. i planned to make this vintage vogue dress (without the shirtwaist over it) out of a wild blue-and-green polka dot fabric and i wanted something to keep my shoulders warm, so i purchased some knitpicks shine to make knitty's frill. i ended up not being able to go to the wedding, so the unmade dress and partially-knit frill sat around for about a year. well, i got invited to a spring wedding this year and decided to make the dress. i liked the idea of a shrug with this dress better than a shawl, so i made one. i'm leaving for the wedding today, so hopefully i'll get some better pics of me actually WEARING the outfit. (i tried the photo-in-mirror thing and couldn't get the pics to look right.)

pattern: anthropologie-inspired capelet from craftster.
yarn: knitpicks shine sport in river, triple-stranded
i followed the pattern exactly as written, made no changes and it fits perfectly! (i did the math first to make sure it would; luckily it was the right size and i didn't need to alter it.)

anyway, that's all for now. i have to go pack. i actually have to work at hot topic tonight before driving to pittsburgh; i won't get there until around 2 or 3am. woo.



K2 Knits said...

That outfit looks fantastic! I think I have an idea of whose wedding you are attending and I hope that it is all they have dreamed it would be. Have a great weekend and awesome job on that shrug!

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